Rabdi Angoori or Mini Rasmalai

Rasgullas are addictive! You get addicted to making them, that is. Though, each time I make them, I say a little prayer – such temperamental creatures they are! But I just cannot stop making them. I am glad I am getting them right almost always now.
Once you get the basic rasgulla right, there are so many ways you can play with it!

Toh Pesh-e-khidmat hai Rabdi Angoori 😀

Mini rasmalai to be quotidian: D
Angoori Rabdi



Prepare the ras/rabdi/milk syrup and let it cool to room temperature before you proceed with making the mini rasgullas.

Rabdi/Ras/Milk Syrup
1 litre whole milk, cow milk is better as it gives a nice colour and flavor
3 Tbsp Sugar
1 tsp fine ground cardamom powder
8-10 saffron strands, steeped in warm milk
2 Tbsp Slivered pistachios, almond and chopped cashews

Bring the milk to boil, reduce heat and cook while stirring for about 20 minutes till the milk thickens but not very much. It needs to be thin enough for the ragullas to be to be able to soak the milk syrup well.Add cardamom powder and 3 tbsp sugar. Cook for another 5 minutes and take off the heat.
Add 8-10 saffron strands that have been soaked in one tbsp warm milk. Let cool to room temperature.Add the chopped nuts.

Mini Rasgullas

(The procedure is exactly the same as followed for rasgullas here, only the size of the paneer balls is smaller)

1 Litre cow milk, cream removed (I buy the milk an evening prior, boil,cool and refrigerate. Next morning, remove the cream and proceed to make chhena/paneer)


(Here is the pictorial for making chhena)
Bring the milk to boil, add 1-2 tbsp lemon juice gradually so that the milk mass and whey separate completely. Strain in a colander lined with muslin/cheesecloth. Wash well with fresh water to remove the lemony sourness. Drain the water by squeezing. Hang to get rid for any excess whey/liquid. After about 20-25 minutes remove and rub the chhena with fingers and heels of the palm till the chhena gives out some ghee/fat. It takes me about 5 minutes to get there. By now the chhena is like a dough ball that comes together easily, neither too hard nor too soft. Take pinches off the dough and make small balls, you should get about 25. Remember, they are going to double up on boiling so size them accordingly.

Sugar Syrup– While you make the mini rasgulla balls, bring to boil 5 cups of water with a cup of sugar. Add half a tsp fine cardamom powder. Just as the syrup comes to a rolling boil, add in the mini rasgulla balls. Boil covered for 10-12 minutes on medium flame. Take off the heat.

Assembling Rabdi Angoori- Squeeze the mini rasgulla balls gently to get some of the water out and add them to the ras. Chill for a couple of hours. Garnish with more slivered nuts just before serving. Enjoy!

 Rabdi Angoori prep

*If you have the ras ready, cool it to room temperature and add the mini balls. If not, transfer the mini balls to a big bowl of room       temperature drinking water
* I use the same Rabdi to make Mango Rabdi. Instead of the mini rasgullas, I add about a cup of mango pulp and half a cup of mango    bits. Mangoes have to be very sweet and flavourous else they can spoil the lovely rabdi richness
*Nuts may be skipped in case of allergies

Angoori Rabdi 1

26 thoughts on “Rabdi Angoori or Mini Rasmalai

  1. Garima I tried rasgulla recipe but it was a tota l disaster my rasgulla balls got dispersed as soon as I put thm in boilin sugar syrup ..I dont know what went wrong….pls help..:-(:-(:-(

  2. Thanks G ..I will try it out again nd let u know abt th outcome… Doin grt job keep it up :-):-):-)

  3. Garima these r really good n ur recipe of keeping them in clean water after boiling once is the best way to get these whities perfect ! Here in U.P. ifu add these mini rasgullas to sugar syrup of gulab jamuns n then serve minus sugar syrup they become rasbharis— a very popular sweet in weddings. I always drink milk of rasmalai as I m not fond of rasgullas since childhood but my family drools over them! I make those often!

    1. Wow Nupur rasbharis sound good! Will try for sure 🙂
      You can make thin raddi and enjoy without the gullis for sure 😀
      Thanks for dropping by dear ❤

  4. Hi Garima, tried ur rasmalai receipe n it came out very well, as for the first time I made it was superb. Very nice n easy recipe …..thnx

  5. Hi Garima,
    Rasmalai is my children’s fav and I could not help myself making them looking at you post …u make them look so easy ….They turned out good but with one problem ..The ras did not go in gullas and they kind of remained dry ..If I break them, they taste awesome ..
    Any idea why they did not absorb the ras?

    1. Hi Sonal
      Thanks for visiting. Try making them smaller. Did you dip them in plain water at room temperature and then squeeze the water out before dropping them in the ras?
      The rasgullas need to be absorbent, only then will the ras go in.
      If the pareer is too try when you make rasgullas, you get hard, non absorbent rasgullas.
      Hope you get perfect ras malai next time Sonal 🙂
      Happy cooking 🙂

  6. This turned out to be such a hit in my home … You are simply superb !!!! Keep inspiring .. So happy n all smiles because of you 🙂 🙂

  7. Garimaji, viewing your recipes on CAL since long time, but came on this page for the first time. Its a nice blog with so many catagories and your recipes are always yummy and mouth watering. Keep up the good work.

  8. I am learning a lot from you Garima. Thanks so much for being such a great cook. 😀 Especially, of the Indian desserts. So far I have tried your rava idli and ras malai recipes, both came out just perfect! Especially the ras malai (wish I could attach the pic here),because I dint expect I could make it so perfectly. I had not made paneer before. Now I ll even try paneer tikka with homemade paneer.
    Thanks ☺️

    1. Super Duper Navi 🙂 Please post the pic on my Facebook page if possible. I am happy you are enjoying the posts and trying the recipes 🙂
      Happy cooking ❤

  9. Hello Garimaji,

    I am a fan of your rasgulla recipie, have tried it thrice and it has turned very nice. Planning to make rasmalai using this recipie for my little one today..so keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

    Thanks 🙂

  10. Hi Garima,
    Tried your rasmalai recipe recently. It came out awesome. Though my chena was little moist but rasgullas came out good and very soft. Thanks again for sharing your recipes. 🙂

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