100% Whole Wheat No-knead Bread


I have tried baking whole wheat bread a number of times, but was never quite happy with the texture. It was too dense for my taste and liking. I saw this boule on Sujit Sumitran’s blog here and was tempted to give this a go. Since my oven is small, I made small rustic loaves rather than the boule.
Honey and whole wheat are a match made in heaven and this bread has a beautiful earthy and nutty flavour. I sit chomping on a slice with my evening coffee and relish the joys of baking bread at home.
The other fun part here is,this is a no-knead bread. Just mix, rest and bake! I do sound like an instant food advert here but yeah, it is that simple!

So here goes

Aata /whole wheat flour- 3 1/3 cup
Salt- ¾ tsp
Instant Yeast – ¾ tsp (Use 20 % more if using active yeast- approximately 1 tsp and a pinch)
Lukewarm water- 1 cup plus (keep half a cup handy if more needed while mixing the dough)
Lukewarm milk- 1 cup plus (keep half a cup handy if more needed while mixing the dough)
Sugar- 1 tsp
Honey- ¼ cup
Olive oil/vegetable oil- 2 ½ tsp
Sooji/semolina and whole wheat flour to dust the surface and the loaves

Add the yeast and sugar  to warm water and rest covered in a warm place for 10-15 minutes till it froths well.
Mix the flour and salt in a large lidded plastic container. It should close well but not be airtight.
Add the honey, milk and oil to the frothed yeast mixture.
Add the liquid mixture to the flour and stir with a wooden spatula to get a goopy, loose mixture, almost like a batter. Add more milk and water slowly, if needed, to get the like consistency. I had to add about half a cup more of the liquid (I made a milk water mix) This takes just five minutes as no kneading is required.
Rest covered for two hours.
Transfer to the refrigerator  for 8 hours. I kept it overnight. This dough can be kept in the fridge for up to five days.
Remove and transfer to a surface well dusted with sooji/semolina. Either wet your hands or dust will flour to shape the bread. It is a very loose dough and will be very tough to shape unless then hands are wet or floured.
Shape into a boule (ball) or as I did, three loaves.
Leave to rise for another 1 hour and 40 minutes.
Sprinkle with flour, slash the bread with a knife (score) and bake in a preheated oven at 180C for about 20 minutes till the base sounds hollow when tapped.
Cool, slice and enjoy.

19 thoughts on “100% Whole Wheat No-knead Bread

  1. Hey!

    I really like ur recipe’s. You are an expert cook. I even tried some of
    ur recipe’s…. and believe me .. Thy came out really good. Actually I have a doubt regarding cup measurement. I have a cup of 200ml. Is dat OK? Or do I need to increase or decrease the quantity. Please reply me as soon as possible. Thank you. !

  2. Hey I have packets of active dry yeast which says 2 -1/4 tsp. So I use half of the pack according to the recipe & how do I store the rest. Secondly u say 3 loaves.. Can we bake it one by one. Thirdly scoring the bread is making gashes with knife in a particular pattern? This is my first rendezvous with baking bread. Please help… Thnx… 🙂

    1. Hi Ruchi
      You need to use 20 % more if using active dry yeast in place of Instant yeast. So,for 1 tsp Instant, you need about 1 1/4 tsp active dry. Store the rest in an air tight packet in the fridge,
      These are three small loaves and I was able to bake them together even in my tiny 18 litrs OTG.
      I just made slanting gashes.
      Happy Baking 🙂

  3. Hi, very well explained…thanks for sharing it is very useful for a beginner like me. I followed ur recipe for my very first trial of bread baking. It came out well.

  4. Hi, your recipes are really good.. one query..Hw many minutes approx will it take to shape the dough after removing from the fridge?

  5. Hi garima di. Actually am bit confused with one of your comment above with regards to measurement. I have a cup which is of 250ml but you mentioned as 200ml so should I measure 200ml or 250.

  6. Lovely… can you pls tell I havw instant dry yeast. How much should I use as I dont have measurement of 3/4 th spoon. Pls revert.

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