Aata Sooji ka Halwa

Aate Sooji Ka Halwa

Aata Halwaa and Sooji Halwa, the most commonly made desserts in an Indian kitchen. How difficult can making them be!  Well, I had trouble with them, till the time I got this no-fail recipe from Mommy. I make all aata, all sooji but my favourite is this aata-sooji halwa. The aata sooji mixture is very easy to handle as it doesn’t bunch and is easily roasted as compared to the all aata halwa, so boon for beginners!
Smooth with a hint of bite from the sooji, yum!
Thanks Ma- now I get perfection every time!
Aata Halwa
The measures
½ cup or katori aata/whole wheat flour
½ cup or katori sooji/semolina/rawa (I use the thick grain rawa as I like a little texture)
¾ cup desi ghee/clarified butter
1 cup/katori sugar/jaggery (melt the jaggery in ¼ cup of hot water)
3 cups/katori boling hot water

The method
Add the aata,sooji and ghee to a kadhai or a heavy bottomed pan and roast them on a medium to low flame till it  changes colour and is well done. It will give a lovely aroma when done. Keep stirring for even roasting and to avoid burning. It takes me about 10-15 minutes as I keep the flame low throughout.
Meanwhile bring the water to a boil.
Carefully add the boiling water to the ghee roasted aata and sooji. Be very careful as the water splashes a lot! Bring the flame to medium high and keep on cooking.
Stir non-stop. The halwa thickens and leaves some ghee. Add the sugar and stir some more for about 5 minutes. Done!

-I use the same ratios to make all aata halwa- the water needed is 2 ½ cups.
-For all sooji halwa, more water is needed as sooji soaks up more water,so use 3 ½  cups.
-You can alter the aata sooji ratio as per your choice.
-Keep the flame low while roasting the flours.
-The halwa gets knots/gaanthen when the flours are not well roasted or the water is less. Also, stirring is very important!

Aata Sooji Halwa

20 thoughts on “Aata Sooji ka Halwa

  1. I am obsessed with Halwa, we also make it though a little bit different, once I get the energy to stand by the stove for that long I will definitely share a recipe…for now I will just drool over your beautiful photos 😉

  2. Tried my hands at this today, and I just loved the texture. I only reduced the quantity of Ghee as I had to consume it entirely, and was out of white sugar so used brown sugar. However, the result was good. Loved it 🙂

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