Guest Post- Semiyan Rabdi ot Vermicelli Pudding

I am so honoured to be guest posting for my friend and very talented co-blogger Sujatha. She is my guru in South Indian cuisine and I follow her recipes with my eyes closed. Sujatha is an extremely helpful and warm person. Visit her wonderful blog Spices N Treats for a variety  of delicious dishes, some fabulous South Indian cuisine and admirable clicks!


Vermicelli Pudding/ Semiyan Rabdi
Recently I had a taste of a new flavour of ice cream launched by Natural’s  on occasion on Eid and loved it! They call it ‘Sheer Khurma’ and it is smooth and creamy with the rich flavour of almonds and cashews. To capture the same flavours, I made some Vermicelli pudding , infused with the flavours of almonds and cashews roasted in desi ghee. Served chilled, it was almost like a creamy kulfi and I was happy to have achieved the desired result. The family approved too!!

Hop over to Sujatha’s blog here to find the recipe 😀


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