Nolen Gur Rasgullas and Ras Malai


I love Nolen Gur desserts, be it rasgulla, rasmalai or the sandesh. I first had a taste of this delight when a close friend brought a box of liquid gur filled sandesh from Calcutta (Jolbhora) ! Man, they were magical! The beautiful earthy flavour and the pleasing sweetness of the palm date jaggery…simply delicious! (Pardon the overload of pictures! I was camera happy ๐Ÿ˜› )

This gur is available only during the winter in West Bengal as a thick syrupy liquid. It is dried and sold as blocks during the rest of the year. The husband was kind to bring me a block from one of his business trips to Calcutta.


Gurer Rossogolla and Payesh aka Palm date jaggery sweetened rasgullas and rasmalai. This jaggery is a must try for it’s beautiful flavour! The basic recipes for the rasgulla and rasmalai are already there on the blog.

I will list the changes I made-

1. Used curd to spilt the milk. I had to use 5 Tbsp for a litre of milk. Did not wash the paneer.
2. Added a tsp sooji/semolina to the paneer as it felt a little too moist.
3. Prepared the sweet syrup with 80 grams of gur/date palm jaggery and 5 cups of water.

4. Kept adding ladles of water while the rasgullas cooked as the syrup gets thick quickly.
5. Rest of the procedure the same as given in the recipe.
6. For the Ras- Thickened 1 litre of milk, cooled it and added the remaining jaggery syrup.
Zero syrup left! All used upย ..Joy!



4 thoughts on “Nolen Gur Rasgullas and Ras Malai

  1. You rock..I was searching for this recipe for a while… And found it here can’t resist trying it…being a bong diehard fan of these sweets as you said they are awesome… Yes a big thanks for sharing this recipe. Loads of love will post you after trying…may be today itself. Thanks again (Y)

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