The perfect Whole Wheat bread Loaf

Finally!! A perfect whole-wheat quick rise bread! Joy!


I have been experimenting a lot with whole wheat breads and got good results only with the long fermentation process like this 100% whole wheat no-knead bread, whole wheat boule and paninis, or with biga like the Baguettes and herbed loaf,  but was not happy with the results I got with quick-rise loaves. They were far too dense for my taste and the boys refused to touch it.

I am a big fan of ‘The Kitchn’ and often refer to the blog for ideas and great tips. I was very happy with this half and half loaf I baked using the recipe from here. This is a very versatile recipe and allows you to go from fully APF to fully whole wheat. I go for the half and half as suggested and am very happy with the results. The honey gives it a beautiful earthy flavour.
Here is a step-by-step pictorial to help bake this wonderful loaf!



This recipe makes one 9×5 loaf

Aata/Whole wheat flour- 1 cup+6 tbsp
Maida/All purpose flour- 1 cup+6 tbsp
Instant yeast ¾ tsp or Active dry yeast 1 tsp
Warm water- ½ cup + sugar  1 tsp (to prove the yeast)
Honey- 2 Tbsp
Milk- ½ cup (Add more warm milk or water as required to knead the dough)
Oil-1 tbsp
Salt- 1 tsp

Warm the water and add the sugar and yeast to prove it. Leave to bloom for 12-15 minutes till the mixture froths well.


Add milk, honey and oil to the yeast mixture.

Add 1 cup of Maida/all purpose flour and salt to this mixture and mix with a wooden spoon/ladle.
Stir to form rough/shaggy dough.

Leave covered for 20 minutes so that the dough absorbs the liquid.
Add the remaining flours and knead for 10 minutes adding more water if required for kneading.
The dough is done when it
–  is smooth and slightly tacky (sticky)
–  forms a ball without sagging
–  springs back when pocked


Transfer the dough to an oiled bowl and leave covered for 1 ½ to 2 hours till the dough doubles (This is the first prove)


Deflate the dough gently  and allow to rest for ten minutes.
Shape the dough and transfer to greased bread loaf tin. The surface of the loaf should be stretched taut.

Let rise again till the loaf domes over the edge of the pan. This takes about 30-40 minutes.

Preheat the oven at 200C for ten minutes,
Slash the top of the loaf with a serrated knife and bake at 185C for 30-35 minutes till the top is nicely browned and the bottom sounds hollow to tap.



A slice topped with clotted cream is heavenly!

This toasts well and is great with soup too.

47 thoughts on “The perfect Whole Wheat bread Loaf

  1. I’ve tried a few of your recipes and found them excellent . Am definitely going to try this one. One problem I encounter while baking breads is that they end up with a yeasty smell. Would you know why ?

    1. Hi Arti
      Yeast ought to be fresh, as in not too old. Check the date.
      You could tey try adding a little less and proving longer till it doubles.
      Active dry yeast tends to give a yeasty smell. Get some instant yeast or fresh yeast..
      Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Garima…I really need your input..I tried the recipe exactly the way you mentioned except for few things I altered and the bread did not rise till the edges in the bread pan…Please suggest what went wrong :
    yeast was on the right temperature and proofed..
    added the maida and other ingredients and mixed with the spatula and it looked watery so added 1/3 cup maida and got it to the shaggy dough consistency..
    After the mentioned time added the wheat flour and knead using food processor for a minute and got the right consistency so stored it in an oiled bowl for 2 hrs and it has rised properly..
    Later knead and left for 10min and then placed in a glass pan and allowed it to rest for 2 hrs and it raised but not till the edges…But when i put my finger the impression stayed so went ahead and tried to preheat at 350 F for 10min and then baked for 320 F for 30 min and again baked it on 320 F for 20min as it was a glass pan..It looks ok but did not rise as yours…Please suggest…

    1. Hi Reena
      Too much water is not good. As we do for roti aata, always add water slowly to get the desired consistency.
      Rising above the edges also depends on the size of the pan. If the pan is too large, the loaf won’t rise above the edge..
      Hope this helps.

  3. Hi Garima, I tried your focaccia bread and it came out well except that it did not rise as required. I have been trying a lot of bread load in past only to throw them ;-).
    1.I am baking in an OTG so both my up and down elements have to be on?
    2. I am using Blue bird dry yeast should I change the brand?
    I need a loaf like yours…..please help

    1. Hi Priyanka
      Please try and get instant yeast..Gloripan or Mauripan. Blue bird doesn’t give good results.
      Good yeast, proper kneading and proving all effect the bread texture.
      I start with the bottom element and switch the top one on midway

  4. Garima lovely bread !!! Gud for health conscious people !!! Tried Ur recipes n happy with the results … Thank you . but my bread doesn’t get brown color on sides .. If u can help me out

    1. Hi Kiran
      Thank you so much 🙂
      I use and OTG to bake and start with the baking mode (just the lower heating rod on) About halfway through I turn the upper heating element on. This ensures a brown top and sides.
      For a microwave I guess you will need to use the combination mode.
      Hope this helps.
      Happy Baking 🙂

  5. Hiii…i tried this recepie bt to my disappointment the bread turned out too dense and raw from the cebtre…though it did rise both the tines.
    It took a lot more time to rise than what you have mentioned here.
    Can u tell me where i went wrong.

    1. Hi Meena
      Your oven temperature seems to be high. This is a recipe I use to bake loaves twice a week. Works well every time.
      If you use whole wheat flour, it will be denser than the APF one. Half and half works best.
      Hope this helps 🙂

  6. Hi Garima,

    I am doing exactly as d recipe says but when i was doing d 2nf proofing n did the slit on the dough the dough did diflate… n then i hv put that on oven.. hopefully it turns out nice.. the size of d bread looks small. Plz suggest

      1. Thanks for the reply.Please guide about yeast brand and method of use.A video tutorial if possible will be of great help.

  7. Hi Garima… how to set temperature in case of convection.. My previous bakes in case of bread has been 180 for 45 mins… should i follow the same …

  8. Hello Garima ji…I am in love with your recipes…I am planning to buy an oven so that i can try my hands in baking bread and cookies just wanted to know which brand oven you use or you suggest me to use as i am a beginner in baking so have no idea about it..

    1. Thanks Rashmi ❤️
      I have a 45 litres Bajaj OTG.
      Try and buy a big one if your kitchen permits. 40 litres is a good size and Bajaj and sun flame are good brands.

      1. Hi Garima ,
        I made it .It was my best bread till now . I baked it for 35 minutes .
        My kids & hubby like it . I’d used Active dry yeast as could not get hold of gloripen .

        I’ll be tring other breads soon .

        Thanks !!!

        – Veena

  9. Hi garima, tried this receipe & it turned out v nice.thanx a lot.u should name as a NO FAIL RECEIPE 😉

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