Masala Chaach/Buttermilk


A beverage that has been around forever, one that quenches thirst no matter what the season and satisfies the soul- buttermilk!I can sip on a glass any time of the day. It is known by various names like chaach, chaas, and taak across different geographical regions.

The traditional way to prepare it is by setting clotted cream or malai with a little yogurt overnight. The next morning the set cream is whipped to extract butter. The leftover slightly tangy and absolutely delicious liquid is buttermilk.
If you need a quick fix, dilute some thick yogurt, give it a blitz in the mixer with the masalas and bingo- all done!

This is how I make it

250 gms or a large cup of thick yogurt
500 mils water
1 tsp rock salt
1 tsp powdered roasted cumin
½ tsp dried and powdered mint
A pinch of black pepper powder
¼ tsp powdered sugar
A few cubes of ice
Some boondi to top the chaach/buttermilk
Mix all the ingredients listed apart from the boondi and blitz in the mixer using the whipper blade.
Pour into tall glasses, top with some boondi and a fresh mint leaf and enjoy!

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