Makka ki Roti


Feasting on makka and bajra rotis during the winter is customary at my Mom’s. I somehow never got around to making them myself. It appeared a tad daunting. And then my help said she could make them perfectly! Needless to say I asked her to teach me, which she did! It is a breeze to make them now. I am delighted!
And here is the promised detailed tutorial with the tips and tricks. It takes a little patience with the first couple of rotis, but after that it is easy peasy!

You need
1 cup of corn meal or makke ka aata ( or bajre ka aata if making bajra rotis)
½ tsp salt
Water to knead the dough
Two circles cut out from a sheet of polythene
A bowl of water

The dough for makka or bajra roti is kneaded and used right then. It is not stored. It is better to make the rotis and store them if at all you have surplus dough. Use them to make Makka or Bajra choorma. Find my choorma recipe here.  This is for wholewheat flour choorma but can be followed for any choorma 😀
Add salt to the flour and knead a soft dough.

Take a lemon sized ball and pat gently between wet palms flattening it.
Shape around the edges with fingertips (remember soft hands always else the roti cracks from the edges) Keep moistening your palms and fingers in between.

Lay the flattened disc on a polythene circle and flatten further with fingers of the right hand,using the left hand to seal the cracks that appear.


Cover with the other polythene circle.
Use the rolling pin to roll out the roti into ensuring that it is uniformly thick all over.
Peel off the top polythene circle and lift the roti gently off the polythene circle under it
Put on a medium hot griddle and let cook till brown spots appear.

IMG-20150116-WA0006 IMG-20150116-WA0005
Flip with a spatula and let cook similarly from the other side as well.
Take off the griddle and roast on direct flame.

The roti puffs up nicely


Remove and serve with a dollop of ghee or butter.
A puffed roti separates easily and is light and yum!

Enjoy with sarson ka saag or with jaggery and butter.


It tasted great with meethi dal too (Coming up soon on the blog)

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