Rose Falooda

Food is memories, food is nostalgia. Food takes you to places you haven’t been in a while. So here is a story from yesterday.
Rose Falooda ki kathaa (story)
Had a small packet of sabja (also called basil seeds/tukmaria) seeds on the shelf and it brought on nostalgic cravings for Rose Falooda enjoyed at Bapu Bazaar during my Jaipur trips.
Started off making a thin Gulab flavoured Ras with some sevaiyaan (Vermicelli)
Made some rabdi.
Some jelly.
Bought a pack of vanilla ice cream.
And finally layered the goodies and generously topped with some chopped dry fruit to get his scrumptious all-in-one dessert. As I dug the long dessert spoon in and got a scoop out, I was in gastronomic heaven…
Needless to say dinner was skipped to enjoy this delight.
The things we foodies do!
Here is what you need to make 4 generous servings of Rose Falooda (Can also make Kesar Falooda by replacing rose syrup with saffron or any flavour actually! I am thinking of a Thandai Falooda for Holi)

2 litres of milk
4 tbsp sabja seeds (soaked for an hour)
4 Tbsp vermicelli (you need falooda sev/noodles but I couldn’t find any so went with vermicelli. I wasn’t disappointed at all)
3 Tbsp rose syrup ( I used mapro, it comes with petals) You can add less or more depending upon how sweet you want the rose ras/syrup to be
½ cup of chopped dry fruits
1 tsp cardamom powder
Some tutti frutii
Some raisins
A 250 gms pack vanilla ice cream (Or any other if you like)
A pack of jelly, cooked as per instructions on the pack (I used Blue Bird Instant China grass milk jelly. I prepared it in water instead of milk)

Falooda is all about layering the components and there are no hard and fast rules about the components. You may add fresh fruit, jelly, ice cream,kulfi,saffron or any fruit pulp to give the desired flavour. The rose syrup is usually the bottom layer andmore often than not makes the last few bites unbearably sweet. I mixed it in the milk syrup/ras and was able to control the sweetness as well as ensure that the sweetness was well spread throughout the dessert.

Rose milk ras/syrup

Rub the vermicelli with about half a tsp of ghee and microwave it till it changes colour. Alternatively, roast it in a heavy           bottomed pan till it changes colour and gives a cooked aroma.
Bring one litre of milk to boil and add the vermicelli. Boil for about 10 minutes till the vermicelli is cooked and soft. Add           the rose syrup. Stir and let cool. Transfer to the refrigerator for chilling.

Rabdi/kulfi/thickened milk

Boil the remaining one litre of milk till it is reduced to about a thirds. Add a tablespoon of sugar if desired ( I usually skip as the rose milk ras is sweet enough). Add a tsp of cardamom powder. Let cool and chill to get rabdi. Alternatively, transfer to an airtight box and freeze to get kulfi. Either can be used in falooda.

Prepare the jelly as per the instructions on the pack and cut into small cubes when set. Store in the refrigerator till it is time to assemble.

4. Chop fresh fruits and dry fruits as per choice and preference

To assemble the falooda
Add the soaked and drained sabja seeds to the rose milk ras. Mix well.
Take four tall glasses or goblets.
Spoon the cubed jelly pieces at the bottom of the glass.
Top that with a slice of kulfi or a couple of tablespoons rabdi.
Add the chopped fresh fruit (if using).
Pour the rose milk ras gently to fill the glass leaving about three inches of space on the top.
Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to top that.
Garnish generously with chopped dry fruit and raisins.
Add some tutti frutti.
Close your eyes and go slurp!
Remember to dig deep when you eat. You don’t wanna miss the layers of goodness.

PS- Sabja seeds are supposed to really good for health in a number of ways! For once we have a delicious delight that is healthy too 😀
There is great info here on the health benefits of these little pearls.

4 thoughts on “Rose Falooda

  1. I remember this from Ramadan iftaars…my dad was not so fond of this drink as he said it was like drinking perfume…my mom and I couldn’t get enough of it!!

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