Onion-Yougurt Tawa Sandwich with some Fresh Grape Juice

Another sandwich! Can we ever enough of them? I guess not. I love desi sandwiches as much as I love the fancy ones. Remember my Desi Tawa Masala Sandwich! A sandwich with juice makes for a perfect summer meal.

This one’s a memory from my teenage years and I reckon most kids who grew up in the eighties and nineties fixed themselves this yogurt spread quick- fix-delight!  There are probably a variety of ways this sandwich is made. Here I share the way my granny made it and then my Mum. I could fix this myself when I was about 13.

It takes five minutes to make and packs a punch.

You need
White or brown sandwich bread
Some oil to brush the pan
Some mustard seeds/rai
10-15 curry leaves

For the spread
A cup of thick yogurt/curd/dahi
A medium onion chopped fine
A large green chilly chopped fine
A small bunch of coriander chopped fine
Salt to taste
½ tsp red chilly powder
¼ tsp asafoetida
(I sometimes like to splutter some mustard seeds in a tsp of oil, add some curry leaves and asafoetida and add to the yogurt spread)

Heat a non stick pan and brush it will oil. Drizzle a few drops in the centre.
Spread the slices with the yogurt mix.
Once the pan heats up, splutter half a tsp of mustard seeds and throw in a few curly leaves.
Quickly place the sandwich on the mustard seeds.
Press down with a spatula so that the sandwich browns well all over.
Brush the top lightly with oil.
Flip the sandwich and brown the other side too.
Serve hot. It doesn’t really need any dip, ketchup or chutney.
Best enjoyed with a tall glass of chilled juice.
Grape Juice
I blitzed a cup of grapes with half a tsp of sugar, some rock salt,chat masala and a dash of lime and it was a fabulous meal!
Shannu, who blogs at  Food Passion and Love ,gave me the fabulous idea of this refreshing juice. Thanks Shannu 😀

10 thoughts on “Onion-Yougurt Tawa Sandwich with some Fresh Grape Juice

  1. Fresh grape juice….unique never even heard of this…but I guess that’s how you make the grape juice I buy ready-made…except with your special kicks of masala!
    Nice pictures 🙂

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