Watermelon, Feta Cheese and Mint Salad

Edited2With  temperatures touching the high 30s, salads are like manna from heaven! This quick and very refreshing Mediterranean salad comes together in a jiffy and is a treat to eat. Watermelon, Feta cheese and fresh mint – yeah that’s all! Not even salt or lemon 😀
Also enjoyed making little watermelon and muskmelon balls with my new toy- the melon baller 😛
IMG_5769I recently got introduced to feta and its salty rich flavour. The sweetness of the watermelon balances the salt beautifully and the mint adds a fresh ,well minty, tang. It’s a glorious burst of flavours and the palate rejoices!

There is not much of a recipe apart from getting the three elements together.

I look a medium sized sweet watermelon and scooped some balls out from the seedless areas of the melon.
To get nice and round balls, press the melon baller deep into the melon flesh.

Rotate clockwise all the way up
IMG_5767And scoop the ball out…ta da 😀
IMG_5768If you can get the seedless variety, nothing like it.Else scoop out from the seedless part. Edited3Tear 10-12 fresh mint leaves and mix gently with the watermelon balls.
IMG_5771Cube about 50 grams of feta and top the salad with it. Serve immediately!
Heaven in a bowl 🙂
Edited1Recipe sourced from The Persian Kitchen.

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