The 90 Minute Single Rise Whole Wheat Aata Bread

Single Rise Whole Wheat Bread
The bread baking bug has bit me. Big time! I have totally stopped buying bread now and am baking it at home, twice a week. I am so happy to have learnt how to make soft and flavorous loaves of aata (whole wheat) bread. Even the kids like it better then the ‘bazaar waali bread’. I keep trying various recipes and was keen to try a single rise bread this time. This is for when you are short on time and need a quick fix solution. Else the Soft and pillowy Aata bread  is my first choice. This is also a good pick for those who do not enjoy the honey flavour (which I personally love) in wheat bread.
This recipe is adapted from the Simple Whole Wheat Bread recipe at Jenny can Cook to make it completely whole wheat and eggless. You can follow the recipe as is, in case you are okay with the egg version.

2 ½ cup aata (whole wheat flour)
1 Tbsp Vital Wheat Gluten*
1 tsp salt
¼ cup warm water
2 Tbsp Sugar
1 Cup warm milk
1 tsp Instant yeast/ 2 tsp active dry yeast**
2 Tbsp Olive oil (Or any vegetable oil)

Add the yeast and sugar to warm water and allow to rest covered for 10-14 minutes till it is all bubbly and frothy. The water should be so warm that when you dip your finger in you feel the warmth nicely but it shouldn’t burn your finger. Too cold and the yeast won’t bloom. Too hot and the yeast will die. So the temperature is important here.

Mix the aata,salt,gluten and oil in a large bowl and add the bloomed yeast to it. Add the warm milk and mix everything together with your hands or a wooden spoon.
Cover and rest for 20 minutes.
On a lightly floured surface knead for 5-6 minutes till it is somewhat smooth.
Shape into a loaf and transfer to a greases 9 ½ x 4 ½ inch loaf tin.***
Cover and let rise for 40 minutes till the dough rises one inch above the pan.
15 minutes before the baking time, preheat the oven to 190C , keeping both the upper and lower heating elements on.****
Bake for 30 minutes. Tent with an aluminium foil after 15-20 minutes if the top seems to be browning too quickly.
Remove from the oven and unmould from the pan. Brush the top and sides with melted butter.
Cool completely before slicing.
Store the cooled loaf wrapped in butter paper or aluminium foil.
Enjoy fresh hope made bread!
Happy baking 😀


* Vital wheat gluten cannot be omitted in this recipe. Wheat breads do need it for a soft texture. I bought mine online at
** I use Gloripan Instant Yeast for all my bakes and buy it online at
*** I use a non stick loaf tin and don’t have the trouble of bread sticking to the tin and am able to un-mould the loaf immediately on getting it out of the oven
**** I have a 45 Litre Bajaj oven and always bake with both the upper and lower heating elements on. However, each oven works differently and adjust according to yours.
Single rise Aata Bread

27 thoughts on “The 90 Minute Single Rise Whole Wheat Aata Bread

  1. Hi Garima mam…sorry for being so ignorant but cant help asking where to get vital wheat gluten and instant yeast in south Mumbai…ty.😃

  2. Hello Ma’am,
    Thank you so much for the recipe but please can you help me as i was i want to bake this bread on gas, so what can i do for the same…
    Thanks in advance

  3. My father loves whole wheat bread, but I have had problems in achieving soft texture…this tip on the “vital wheat gluten” is very helpful 🙂

  4. I have always wanted to try baking bread but never had the courage… Your recipe seems easy enough for a novice like me … Definitely encouraged to try now… Thanks Garima am so glad I came across your website 😃
    Just 1 question …. I don’t own a separate oven but have a convection microwave … Will it turn out as well in that?

    1. Hi Suv
      Yeah! Loads of people bake in the convection microwave and it works beautifully!
      Check this site called Cakes and More for detailed instructions on using it 😀 Happy Baking!

  5. hi garima I stay in Oman here we dnt get gluten so what will be the option to use instead of gluten .

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