No Knead Bread

No Knead Bread
A super simple No-knead bread! And artisan style crisp crust and soft and ‘holey’ crumb too. Win win 😀
This is a four ingredient recipe and needs just flour, water,salt and yeast. The long fermentation takes care of the kneading and you just need to mix it up, let rest overnight, shape (read, roughly get together), plop into a greased pan, let rise for another hour and bake. Done!

The recipe is from No Knead Bread Central. Here is the video link.
I have halved the recipe to get a small loaf  and  reduced the yeast quantity bearing in mind the humid Mumbai weather. In colder climes, go with the whole ¼  teaspoon rather than the pinch full I add.
1 ¾ cup Maida/ all purpose flour
1/8  tsp Instant yeast ( If the weather is cold, use ¼ tsp yeast)
¾ tsp salt
1 cup (207 grams) of water at room temperature

Mix the flour, salt and yeast* with a wooden spoon. I actually use the handle of the spoon. It makes the mixing easier.
Add the water and mix well till all the dry flour mixture is hydrated. You will get a soft and shaggy dough.
Cover and leave for 7-8 hours or overnight  in an airy place ( I put it on the sideboard in the kids’ bedroom, so it was under the fan throughout)
The dough would have doubled in the morning and would be all puffy and stringy.
Grease a 9×4 inch loaf tin. Mine is a non stick pan so slight greasing works beautifully. In a regular aluminium tin, grease and line the pan.
Dust the counter with flour drop the dough gently on the floured surface.
With floured hands and a scraper flatten out the dough and roughly shape into a loaf and drop into the greased pan.
Let rise till it is doubled and puffed up. It took me an hour.
Preheat the oven to 200C for 15 minutes and bake for 30 minutes till the top is brown and the bottom sounds hollow on tapping.
Remove from the pan and brush the top and sides with melted butter.
The crust will be real crisp. We like it little soft, so I wrap the loaf in cling film once it has cooled to room temperature.
We enjoyed it with some butter and home made orange marmalade (Recipe coming up soon!)

With love

No Knead Bread with Orange Marmalade

36 thoughts on “No Knead Bread

  1. Garima , You have made it look like a child’s play. I have tried baking earlier. Was a quite successful at times with simple “pav”. But the tedious work of kneading always puts me off because of my “tennis elbows”. But this recipe has again got me back to baking. Have mixed everything and kept aside. Now waiting for the morning to see the proven dough. Crossing fingers. Thank you very much.

  2. The dough has risen very well. More than double. Now left it for second proof in the loaf tin.Will bake and let you know. Love you.=)

  3. Garima ,the bread is awesome. We loved it.Soft and spongy. Thank you, thank you so much. Now I shall be baking everyday. I wish I would be successful with the rasgullas too.=)

  4. I would love to try this.garima do you have any idea where to get bread flour online?i have ordered vital wheat gluten to try your whole wheat bread.

    1. Hi Sameera
      I replaced bread flour with Maida and it worked just fine 🙂
      I doubt we can get bread flour in India.
      Vital gluten works great to give a good loaf of aata bread. Happy baking 🙂

  5. Wonderful! I will trade in the kneading process for a longer fermentation period…I can be patient if it requires less work for me 🙂

  6. Hi Garima.. this is a lovely recipe, and I am going to try it tonight. Do you think making garlic bread with the same recipe will be a good idea?

  7. hi garima, just came across this wonderful receipie and really want to try it. But it is 47 degrees in delhi. Do u think i should keep it for fermenting all night? if yes, should i keep it in my bedroom where the ac is on the whole night? i wonder if it will go stale otherwise?

  8. Hi Garima
    I would like to bake my first bread ever. No matter Maida or atta. Can you suggest with which receipe of yours should I go? I will be working with yeast for the very first time. So pls suggest..

    1. Hi Shubhangi
      Go for a basic Maida bread . It’s there on the blog as basic white bread.
      Slowly start adding aata as you get confident 🙂
      Happy baking!

      1. Thanks garima😊 I tried it yestd with maida and it came out fine😊 the crux s really crisp though but taste more thing can I keep it outside instead of fridge?I stay in Bombay n weather s great nowadays.will definitely try the aata bread recipes too:)

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