Make Khoya/Maawa at home

Make khoya/maawa at home in fifteen minutes with three simple ingredients.  And it comes out so yum that I always fear half of it will vanish before making it to the Mithai 😛

This recipe yields about 600 grams of maawa
(Recipe adapted from here)
2 cups of milk powder
1 ¼  cup cream ( I used Malai)
3 Tbsp butter ( I used Amul)

In a heavy bottomed non-stick pan melt the butter and add the cream. Stir over low heat till the mixture beings to bubble gently. Add the milk powder in five lots stirring after each addition to avoid clumping. Cook stirring over medium heat till the maawa comes together. The whole process takes fifteen minutes. The maawa is ready to be used in barfi at this stage.
To make gulab jamuns cook the maawa further till it thickens a little more.
Maawa can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.


17 thoughts on “Make Khoya/Maawa at home

  1. Like your instant khoya recipe. Have been putting off trying to make it myself as other recipes that I have come across requires an hour or two stirring the mix. Will try out your version soon. Have a lovely day!

  2. Hey Garima ji I tried half the ingredients and khoya turned yum😁😁thankyou😊Garimaji you don’t use baking soda /powder for I have seen most recipes with either of them as the ingredients after khoya and maida??

      1. Thankyou😊Garimaji tried your cream of tomato soup turned yummy😋😋also advice me on making paneer I made the paneer but the pieces wernt plain as market ones ??i tried with your recipe only😐It was soft and nice in taste too,advice me for jotting down my mistakes possible☺️

      2. Thanks Reet
        I’m glad you liked the soup 🙂
        Try pressing the paneer down under a heavy weight. You also get some paneer makers in the market. Try those for smooth edged paneer. 😃😃

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