Welcome to Jaipuriya!

The story of Jaipuriya began in Jaipur….

Somewhere in the pages of my growing up years, the hand-block prints of Jaipur got deeply imprinted on my psyche. I fell totally and helplessly in love. The love affair continues till date!

It found expression in the form of a new creative venture- Jaipuriya.com, my baby number two after CaféGarima!


Jaipuriya, in the colloquial, applies to someone or something that is quintessentially from Jaipur. I am a ‘pukka Jaipuriya’ and when I was thinking of what to name the new start-up the name popped in my mind and stayed. Nothing could make it go away. And then for the logo- the hue had to be blue. My favourite colour and the most loved hue in the block print story- Indigo! The tree of life, to me, signifies creation as a constant and became the basis of the logo.

Jaipuriya Logo

So we launched in April with some basic simple silhouettes. We mostly had straight and A-line Kurtas in hand-block printed Indigoes, Kalamkaris and some soft pastel hues. We also had some goodies designed in sensuous rustling rayon. There were round necks and mandarin collars. We were totally overwhelmed by the response we got! These were instant sell-outs!  Thanks to all the lovely people ❤
So the designing process at Jaipuriya begins with the selection of the designs we want to get printed. Yeah! We get our own fabric printed, fun, ain’t it! But then that’s the fun of belonging to Jaipur. One knows every nook and cranny (well almost!).
And then the sampling and designing happens.  Pamposh Sarolia, our Creative Head  (Ma, to me) has a deep aesthetic sense and an inherent sense of style, backed with ten solid years of running a leather and apparel studio of her own. I pulled her out of work hibernation and she designs all the traditional wear. The Indo-Westerns are mostly designed by yours truly.

What can be better than the fact that work is fun and takes you to beautiful hidden alleys to gorgeous treasures? I have to say I love my work!

A beautiful lady summed it up saying

कोई कह दे उनसे जाकर,
कि जयपुरिया के कुर्ते पहनकर
छत पे ना जाया करे..🌙
शहर में बेवजह,
ईद की तारीख बदल जाती है..!!
Best Compliment Ever! ❤

Check it all out at Jaipuriya.com!


15 thoughts on “Welcome to Jaipuriya!

  1. Hi garima,
    Love your blog and was eager to go through the designs of your clothing venture, unfortunately Google isn’t throwing up any valid site, care to share the link please?

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