About me

I’ve measured out my life in jocund boons.

Eliot was quotidian, even trite, measuring it in mere coffee spoons…
Life is all  about memories,associations ,experiences and above all, the joie de vivre!

Dreamer, food enthusiast,homemaker, mom-of-two and recently turned entrepreneur that’s me!

Born to a littérateur father and a connoisseur and artist Mother, word-love, art-love and food-love have been the core of my existence. My foody husband and teenagers have made my culinary journey fun and fulfilling.In the past, I documented some of my kid raising and hair raising experiences here.

My recipes are learned and inspired  from Ma, family, friends and the great web world.  All my recipes all thoroughly tried,tested and vetted in my kitchen and oven 🙂

Recently, my love for the Jaipur hand-block printed cotton inspired me to launch my fashion label- Jaipuriya. I share glimpses of the story of my journey and a peek into the gorgeous handprited and handwoven fabrics of India. Rooted in the colour of tradition, Jaipuriya features apparel with contemporary styling. Find it all here! 


75 thoughts on “About me

  1. Wonderful garima…I’m sure you r going to excel in this with your super enthusiasm n infectious attitude…. God bless n great going…you know I always remember you with a smile in my heart..

      1. I’m so happy for you! 🙂 love your *about me* write up! Like you said word-love and food-love, I share the same in common with you!
        Food and literature, it all revolves around these two for me. All the best!

    1. Vidhya I have been meaning to come back to these but it has been so very hectic. Pardon me. I am truly honoured that you nominated me. I need some time to go through these and will come back. 🙂
      Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. Hi Garima,
    From CAL got to know ur blog link, tried your rasgulla recepi, just couldn’t believe its so easy rather you made it really easy.
    Love the way, you share small details.
    Thanks for sharing !!!

  3. You r a rock star , simply superb… U explain recipe such a lovely way, I just love it…😍😍😍

  4. Garima aap motivated me to learn baking which I always avoided for years! U are my baking inspiration n seeing my enthusiasm my father allowed me to bake my first bake ur one n half dough pizza on my late mother’s 29 yrs old Baja OTG! Do I need to tell results… My father said u can learn baking n will make good use of this OTG! Hearty thank you n happy to learn from u always ..
    I want to share photo can I PM u! Not on ÇAL as it is not a good click!!
    Loads of love n Regards!!

    1. Hi Nupur
      This has to be one of the sweetest messages I have ever received. I am so happy you tried the one and a half dough. It is my favourite as it is easy to remember 😉
      Please do send the picture 🙂
      And more of happy baking 🙂

  5. Hi there! I hope you don’t mind but have nominated you for an award. When I thought of blogs to nominate for this award, you were one to come to mind. Thanks for always stopping by and liking and commenting on my posts. It is so appreciated!! You can see my post here: http://wp.me/p4bcab-11D. Wishing you a great week! 🙂

  6. Dear Garima, what a creative and diverse blog you have set up I love it! I am excited to look around and see what kind of ideas and inspirations you use in your cooking 🙂

  7. Wonderful Garima…I’m sure you r going to excel in this beautiful journey with your superb well illustrated receipes and fantastic writeup…Congratulations on this amazing milestone..:) ❤

  8. Garima U Rock,came know abt blog thru CAL.. love your recipes they are explained in simple & superb way !!! totally impressed 🙂

    God bless and take care u have along way to go.

  9. hi do u sell food too?? i love the chinese platter it looks so appetising…really keen to knw if u r in delhi ncr wud luv to order in.thks

  10. Hi Garima! I just got to know about your blog through the CAL group. I went through each of your recipes and they are so diverse and look spectacular
    Waiting to try so many of them.. I would love to start baking too but waiting to get an oven which hopefully will be soon.. Really great blog and superb food photography! 🙂

  11. Hey Ms. Sunshine!
    Have been wandering around on your blog for quite some time.
    Lost in my thoughts and trying to get into yours. Such a plate, heart and soul filling collection.
    Absolutely love it and waiting to try them all.
    Much love and best wishes.

  12. Hey Garima,
    Karachi biscuits brought me here to your blog, and wow!
    Now I know, keep going girl👍

  13. Hi Garima, I was looking for a simple and eggless brownie for a long time and i was glad to find one on your blog! It tasted delicious..seeking a small clarity- it baked to a good height and again bounced to level after sometime..any idea why?

  14. Hi Garima….well no actually ‘gurumaa’….I’ve bn trying out your recipes and u r simply amazing …thank u sooo much for making cooking so much more interesting and fun loving ….wana write so much more and will do soon….tab tak gurumaa ki Jai ho :)))))


  15. Hi Garima,
    Found your blog through Chef at large group on Facebook. Love your blog and the way you present your food. Wonderful pictures all around, had a great time reading your posts found some great recipes too. Keep making delicious food and sharing the recipes too.
    Regards Megha

    1. Hi dear Megha
      Thanks for writing in. Was travelling and now got busy with kids’ exams.
      Will be back soon!
      Thank you so much for thinking about me ❤️❤️

  16. Hi Garima,

    Was missing your recipes in CaL. So thought of checking out your blog to see if there is some action there. And I was so pleasantly surprised to see the revamped site. Apparel too…. Thats super awesome. Must say, even they have got the classy Garima touch!!! Congrats on this new milestone.. May you scale greater heights!!!

  17. Hi Garima ,
    Loved your blog and the recipes , just need your help we are planning for kitchen renovation so could you suggest if you any idea of gas hobs, also which brand oven you have is it a gas or an electric one.Please guide.

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