Ricotta/Paneer stuffed Rigatoni

Pasta is a weekly regular in my kitchen. I am always scheming to sneak in more and more veggies into it by hook or crook, sneaky Mommy me! 😉
I often make this Spinach, ricotta and garlic stuffed Rigatoni cooked layered with red and white sauces-lasagna style. My teenagers were wide-eyed and delighted when I made it for the first time 😀


Rigatoni,boiled al dante – 500 gms
Mozarella/chedder/processed cheese- 1 cup

Mix these for stuffing the pasta
Spinach,blanched and chopped- 2 cups
Ricotta/Cottage cheese(Paneer), crumbled- a cup
Garlic, minced- 2 tsp
Salt and pepper to taste

Marinara /Red Pasta Sauce – 3 cups (I used my three-pepper marinara)
Béchamel/ White sauce- 2-3 cups ( Here is a pictorial on making it )

Stuff the pasta is stuffed with a mixture of ricotta/paneer,crushed garlic and finely chopped and blanched spinach.


2014-08-02 20.31.36_wmLayer a baking dish alternating layers of pasta with the red and white sauces.  Use the sauces generously.Top with white sauce, sprinkle the cheese ( Cheddar or mozzarella) and bake for about 15 minutes at 180C
Remember to boil to rigatoni just halfway through for ease of filling.
Sauces have to be used generously for the pasta to get cooked thoroughly while baking and yet remain most.

I am taking this family favourite of mine to Angie’s Fiesta Friday. A big shout of thanks to Edna and Madge for co-hosting the party ❤