Home-made Orange Marmalade

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Sunshiny, happy and sweet smelling, orange marmalade perks up my morning cuppa. I have loved marmalade for as long as I can remember, specially the candied peel in it that adds interesting texture to the hot, crisp toast. As I type, I am enjoying one 😀

It has been on my mind to make this beauty at home ever since I saw my friend Megha Vikaram Singh’s beautiful Kinnow marmalade, I knew I had an expert’s recipe to make it too.

I made some changes as I had very soft and sweet oranges and also the kids aren’t too keen on the bitter touch in marmalade. Here is my take on Meg’s Marmalade.

A step by step recipe of this three ingredient wonder.

1 kilo Oranges, ripe and sweet ones with orange peels
500 grams sugar
1 Tbsp lemon juice

Cut the oranges and the lemon into halves and juice them. Strain the juice through a thick sieve.
Marmalade Ingredients
Do not throw the seeds and the peels.
Scoop out the membranes, pips and pith (the white part inside the peel) from inside the orange halves as much as you can. I used the melon baller to do it. Tile all of this along with the seeds in a muslin cloth to make a small bag or potli.
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Take 5-6 orange halves and cut them into thin strips using scissors or a very sharp knife.
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Bring 3 cups of water to a rolling boil and add the peels. Boil for a minute and strain. Repeat this once. Drain the water and reserve the peel.
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In a heavy bottomed pan add the juice and the small cloth bag/potli and bring to a boil. Keep boiling for 15 minutes. Remove the cloth bag.
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Ad the sugar and the peel and boil for another 15-20 minutes till the marmalade starts to thicken.
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Keep a steel plate in the freezer before you begin cooking. To check doneness, put a tbsp of the marmalade on the chilled plate and run a finger in the middle. If the two halves stay apart, it is done.
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If it is too runny, cook for some more time. Be careful not to overcook as it thickens on cooling.
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Keep 2-3 small bottles sterilized and ready. When the marmalade cools down a little (but is still warm) spoon it into clean jam bottles and seal. I store it in the refrigerator.

*The potli/cloth bag contains the pectin. The various recipes I looked at, say it stays well on the shelf for 5-6 months if the jars are sterilised well and completely dry. But considering the Mumbai weather and the fact that we add no preservative, I always pack my jams and spreads in small bottles and store them in the fridge always and they stay good for months.

Look at that!!

Home made Orange Marmalade

Cheers and Happy Jamming!