Mirchi ke Tipore or Green chili stir-fry

Mirchi ki tipore is a quick simple green chili pepper stir-fry with dry spices. It gets done under 10 minutes and is usually served with daalbaati choorma as a spicy side. It is like an instant spicy pickle.

It is so simple, it is almost a no-recipe 🙂

Big green chilli peppers/ moti hari mirch- 10/12 chopped thick
Asafetida/heeng- 1 big pinch
Cumin/jeera- ¼ tsp
Mustard seeds/rai- less than ¼ tsp
Salt- ½ tsp
Red chili powder/laal mirch powder- a pinch
Turmeric/haldi- a large pinch
Coriander powder/dhania powder- ½ tsp
Mango powder/ aamchoor- ½ tsp or lemon juice- ¼ tsp

Wash and chop the green chilies.
Heat oil and add heeng (asafetida)) ,rai (mustard seeds) and jeera (cumin), keeping the flame medium. Lower the heat and add all the dry spices apart from aamchoor (mango powder) Stir and quickly add the chopped green chili. Add 2 Tbsp water and cover. Cook till tender and add the aamchoor/lemon juice.
Done! Serve with chapaati, partantha or daal and baati.